The upcoming annual thespian show is “Rumors”

Annabelle Altmark, Reporter

Every Winter, Lawrence Central’s thespians put on a play. This year, the play is Neil Simon’s “Rumors” and it opens on Thursday, January 23rd. This production is different from the others held at LC, because only members of the International Thespian Society are on stage for this production.

The title of this play is essentially what the play is about: rumors. This comedy features four couples who go to an anniversary party, but the couple who is celebrating is nowhere to be found. While the other couples attempt to figure out where they are and what happened, it starts many rumors about the couple’s absence from their own party.

“Most plays are written by men for men, but this one had an equal amount of men and women,” director and Theatre Arts teacher Kathleen Horrigan said. “So, I decided this play would be a good choice.”

Putting on a play requires dedication and lots of time. Everyone involved with the show has been and will continue to put in many hours of hard work to create something they’re proud of. That includes devoting valuable time out of school to the show. Even parents have been spending hours to help build the set.

“Theatre rehearsals are typically Monday through Friday from 4-6pm, or 4-6:30pm, depending on how close we are to opening the show or how well everyone is doing with their lines and blocking,” Actress and Senior Erin Weller said.

Students in the play are also apart of committees to make the show possible.

“I’m on the costume committee and I was cast as Claire Ganz,” Senior Erica Gullion said. “I’m really proud of how funny it is and how we all work together.”

Coming up just around the corner, the show will open on January 23rd with a performance on the 24th, as well as the 25th. Seniors Devin McDuffy and Ja’Sha Jones are the leads, for their last thespian play. Make sure to come out to support our LC thespians and enjoy the show!