The Student Voice of Maroon and Grey

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The Student Voice of Maroon and Grey

The Cub Reporter

The Student Voice of Maroon and Grey

The Cub Reporter

2022-2023 Staff


Rene Soto Suarez

Rene is a senior at LC and one of our editorial writers for the newspaper. Rene is interested in getting his electricians license or going to school to study anesthesiology. Rene is also  interested in auto mechanics.


Maria Gonzalez-Lopez

Maria is a sophomore here at LC and loves her photography classes. After high school, Maria hopes to continue her love of photography professional. If Maria doesn't have a camera in front of her, she can be found drawing.


Kaylyn Nunez

Kaylyn is currently a sophomore at LC and a member of the girls soccer team. Kaylyn plans on attedning college for medicine and wants to be a published author. Kaylyn loves to watch Modern Family and her favorite color is pink.

A&E Writer

Ki’Miyah Archie

Ki'Miyah is a junior at LC this year. She is part of NHS, LC Cheer, and the theatre program. Ki'Miyah wants to attend The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in California for acting. Ki'Miyah enjoys reading sci-fi novels and...

Writer & Photographer

Maciya Chaney

Maciya is a sophomore at LC and is a memeber of our sports writing team. Maciya plans on going to college for law. Maciya loves to play volleyball and acting-- her debute is in the Rookie Show this school year.

LC News Writer

Cricia Taylor

Sports Writer

Laila Abdurraqib

Laila is a sophomore at LC and is starting point-gurard for the varsity basketball team. Laila wants to major in communications at a top ten, D1 school. Laila loves music and writing about sports.

Editor in Chief

Mariah Booker

Mariah is currently a junior here at LC and is a manager for the volleyball team. She loves kids and hopes to attend college for nursing after high school. Mariah plans on attending North Carolina A&T for pediatrics. Mariah...