Bye Bye Wildcats!

John Kendrick, Writer

The Boys JV and Varsity Basketball teams of Lawrence Central defeated the Lawrence North Wildcats 48-46 and 59-54, at a home game Wednesday night December 8, 2021. The LC gymnasium was packed with proud students, administrators, and even former basketball alumni, as LC took home their well deserved trophy against their LN rivals. Both JV and Varsity games were extremely close, however in the end LC prevailed.

Around the gymnasium the Lawrence Township community praised, clapped, and cheered on the teams. The student sections primarily showed the most support for our Lawrence family. LN´s student section was very brightly colored in Christmas outfits, pajamas, and hats. While LC students came out during the night in basketball jerseys, representing their favorite players and teams.

Each time a player on the LC basketball team achieved a basket, the LC student section would cheer, waving maroon, gray, and silver pom poms in the air. Sometimes even, the section would stomp their feet on the bleachers and sway side-to-side strengthening and showing their support for LC. The LN student section tried hard to steal LC’s spirit and determination to win throughout the night, however they truly failed and were strongly outmatched numerous times throughout the night by the bear nation. Even our Lawrence Central Dance Marathon (LCDM) members defeated the LNDM members in the Miracle a Minute donations race during varsity halftime. This race was to determine which school could donate the most money towards the children at Riley’s Children’s Hospital. Also during varsity halftime, the LC and LN Best Buddies basketball teams competed in their own competition. Both teams did an amazing job, and were cheered on by their prospective school’s. The LC cheer squad also showed up and showed out at the game, holding posters, doing cartwheels, and well performed routines that strongly contributed to the unwavering spirit of the night. 


Overall congratulations to the LC basketball team for an excellent performance against LN. And also a huge thanks to the entire Lawrence Central High School community who came out to support the LC bears!