Cuffed: Students Vs.Teachers


Maria Gonzalez-Lopez

Isaiah Maldonado and Eva Franco Pose for a Couples Pic

Ki, Writer

Strolling down Lawrence Central hallways you start to feel the tensions of the couples. You see the extreme feelings of  attraction that they have for each other. As Halloween comes into play, you start to see the Holiday dates and activities being planned. A couple of examples of this are going to the pumpkin patch together, watching scary movies, getting matching costumes, carving pumpkins, and/or going to haunted houses. 

Nevertheless, how is everything organized or decided with a partner and how relationships last long enough to be with each other for the holidays ? Are highschool couples the same as adult couples? 

Kalaya Wilson , a sophomore with a 2 year lasting relationship, was questioned on what the key of having a good healthy relationship was. She vocalized that forgiveness and communication are a good way of having a healthy relationship. She established that the reason she feels like this is because nobody is perfect and we have to forgive and communicate about it. Kalaya adds that loyalty is why relationships aren’t healthy. “But nothings wrong with that. That’s okay because we’re so young.” she announced. Kalaya confesses that her dates are really spontaneous. “I could get up one Saturday morning and say I want to go to the movies.” Kalaya replies.  She includes the dates and activities that they carried out ; carnival dates, movie days, house dates, out to eat, and skating. She goes on to say that they do all activities.

Mike Nickles , an English 11th grade teacher, has been married for 30 years to a lasting relationship with his wife . The questions were the same question as asked by the student, seeing if the answers would be similar . Nickles hypothesized that a good healthy relationship needs realization that relations are for the long haul. His reasoning was that relationships experienced so much together and if you want to be with that partner, you have to realize that all the small things, communication, and everything matter  . He goes on to say that he lets his wife operate dates and/or activities while he pays for them. Nickels says that they have gone on so many activities and dates that include movies, restaurant dates, pumpkin patches, and more in his 30 years experience relationship.

As the answers were compared and contrasted, the answers were uniquely different . While Kaylaya mentioned they’re young and forgiveness is key, Nickels reinforced valuing  the growth of the relationship.