Homecoming Game: Bear Vs Panthers


Maria Gonzalez-Lopez

Hoemcoming roalty stands together in front of their student body. (From left to right) queen Cydney Blair and king Trent Baker-Booker pose next to prince DJ Morton and princess Mi’Kya Bailey.

Kaylyn Nunez, Writer

Homecoming is one of the most attended games to be introduced in highschool. There’s a buzz leading up with all the school spirit: like spirit week, homecoming dance, homecoming royalty, the pep rally, and finally the homecoming! Lawrence Central High School decided to be a little different this year starting off with announcing our homecoming theme: The 80s, which was celebrated September 24. For that upcoming week, we showed school pride with spirit week– we started off with Bear Wear on Monday, Prep Day on Tuesday, Pink out on Wednesday, Tacky Tourist on Thursday, and ended it off with Throwback Day on Friday. On game day, September 30, we ended our school day with our pep rally filled with dancing and cheering. All the school spirit prepared us for our homecoming game win.

The game against North Central High School was highly anticipated– the stands watched the Panthers run to the field to be met with meek cheers. The Bears student section prepared themselves to out-cheer the Panthers: and that was exactly what they did. As the Bears ran to the center of the field; you could hear exuberant cheers. 

The game started promptly– with player number 8, Terry Walker, throwing a touchdown to player number 9, Jacob Franklin, for a touchdown– the extra point attempt was successful, 7-0. With triumph the team ran off the field and defense prepared to barricade the Panthers offense. The Panthers quarterback fumbled the ball in which player number 4, Mataio Russell, quickly recovered. 

With defense on the field against Panthers offense, NC quarterback threw the ball to NC receiver number 32, in which Russell once again made another big play. Russell stepped in and caught the ball and took it to the endzone which unfortunately was a penalty throw. The ball still remained in Bears offensive possession.

Walker caught a snap and snuck the ball to Amhad Duff who ran down the field with unsuccessful attempt after attempt by the Panthers defense. Duff made a graceful 73 yard run making the score 13-0.

Once again Russell was in the spotlight with another fumble recovery from NC player number 32– he scored a touchdown making the score 19-0. With confidence, Bears attempted for a kick which was unsuccessful. 

Students cheer on their Bears during the last half of the Homecoming Game (Maria Gonzalez-Lopez)

After the play, player number 10, Nick Johnson, intercepted the ball. Instead going left he snapped right going towards NC wide receiver. With offense on the field, we saw running back player number 28, Elijah Jackson, take the ball all the way making the score 26-0. 

The sophomore varsity player Chyron Harrison made his team proud with his first touchdown! Player number 26, received a handoff by Walker; with speed and quickness he soon side shuffled into the endzone for a 20 yards touchdown to put the Bears up by 20 with little time left for the Panthers. With pride Harrison ran to the sideline to be met with the team’s cheers in honor of the rushing touchdown.

With a strong finish, player number 7, Joshua Mickens speeds passed right tackle with a strong loss of yards. With the score being 32-0 the Bears run onto the field and enjoy their Homecoming win.