How Do You Want to be Loved?

Mariah Booker, Writer

As Valentine’s Day is coming up, you may be struggling to find a gift for your partner, friend, parents, or any guardian of yours. Show them love by giving them their love languages. This could be: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. These few intimate acts can be important as they can make a person feel loved and cared. The Cub Reporter interviewed some LC students and this is what they had to say;

“What do you think is the best way to show someone love?”

Allanah Cobb: “I think the best way to show someone love is respect .. respecting them when they arent around , respecting their choices and space.”

Janiya Hughes: “I think the best way to show someone love is quality time because who doesn’t love quality time? You know the small things can be affectionate, give them meaningful gifts, it does not matter if it’s simple or small, it might mean the world to them”

“How do you show other people love?”

Da’Nay Brown:”I show other people love by just being there. Not always does someone want to tell you about their feelings so just being there for them in general makes it seem like someone cares and when they are ready and comfortable they will tell you because they feel like you are in there corner”

Ca’Nya King: “I give them gifts, hugs, just like the regular things, but the way i show my love to my friends vs family is the opposite”

“What do you think the best love language is?”

Tamari Harney: “Quality time or physical touch”

Eric Ballance: “ Touch”


“How do you know that someone loves you?”

Mariah Maldonado:”I know when someone loves me through actions. I feel like if it’s told that they love me I rather them show the expression of that through touch and how intimate they make things or deep conversations being listened to and having an input or simply just looking at each other with no other people and just us in the moment.”

Keira Locke:”When they do everything to keep you happy at all times. Doesn’t entertain anybody, and stays loyal to you. Also, when someone shows affection.”

You can show someone you love them a million different ways but there will always be the number 1 thing that outshines those million things. Cub Reporters hope that you have an amazing Valentines day, and that you feel and show someone love this year..