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“Bear Nation, Let’s Ride”

Lawrence Central football gives their all, until they fall!

The 22’-23’ Bears football team was stacked with an insane amount of talent. They had a 5-6 season, while going 4-1 in our conference, and beating our biggest rival Lawrence North 21-3!

Photo by Rj Robertson

While having a great season, the team had a unique set of talented seniors that have now graduated and continued their careers at a collegiate level. Charles Vaden, Andre Dumas, Trent Baker-Booker, Tylen Cunningham, Joshua Mickens, and Jacob Franklin, have all  left their mark on Lawrence Central Athletics, but especially football. 

With those key pieces gone, Lawrence Central needed a new set of athletes to step up, and take their places. Losing a few core pieces of your team is never easy to adjust from. Especially with the amount of players lost, and coming into the new season. Coaches knew there was a need for a large adjustment.  

Assistant and Defensive Line Coach Khayri Abdullah spoke on how several players are ready to step up to the plate.

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“We have a very experienced group of seniors this year. A lot of them played as sophomores so they are more than ready to lead this team.”

This year the Bears are led by Slot Receiver Ahmaad Duff, Middle Linebacker Mataio Russell, Offensive Guard Dallas Bullock, Center Drew Dumas, Safety Darryl (DJ) Morton, Defensive Lineman Reid Hardin, and Quarterback Bryson Luter.

Photo by Rj Robertson

With the experience that they have, many of the underclassmen look up to them when they are down or need help on the field. But, Abdullah says that this is not always an easy task. “There’s a period where the new seniors have to assume leadership and that can take some time”

However, as with anything else having a good work ethic is essential to any winning team.  The Bears football team undoubtedly has that. Over the summer 2-8, Monday through Thursday. With the scorching sun on their faces, and sweat in their eyes. They put in work.

“There’s always going to be long hot days in the summer but they’ve set their goals high so then know they have to be prepared to achieve those goals.” Said Abdullah.

The Bears had a successful start to the season, beating Arsenal Tech with a score of 54-0. Bryson Luter threw 129 total yards, and Senior Damarcus Cole with 76 receiving yards.

The season started out with a bang, and Westfield was week 2. A team they lost to last year, 27-42, and the Homecoming Game, there was a lot of emotion going into the week. Senior Reid Hardin, spoke on his mentality on the field and his push factor.

“Don’t be the guy that doesn’t give effort, or don’t be the guy that makes a mistake for the team. It may add pressure to some, but it ensures that I have to stay focused and perform.”

Unfortunately the Bears took a tough overtime loss against the Shamrocks, 58-59. QB Bryson Luter had an amazing game with 487 total yards and 1 touchdown!

“Sometimes your best isn’t enough, you need to give that extra 10% on top of your 100% to get the win,” said Luter.

Photo by Rj Robertson

Week 3 was the big game everyone had been waiting for: Battle of the Bell. Against The Lawrence North Wildcats at Lucas Oil Stadium. The Bears had suffered from several major injuries from the Westfield game. One of the most significant ones being Ahmaad Duff. Being a huge piece of the team, the Bears had to prepare to adjust. 

With hundreds of people in the stands, and a roaring stadium, The Wildcats smelled blood from kickoff. With the Wildcats coming out blazing, the score was 3-21 at halftime. Attempting to make a comeback, they fought and tried to get another win but they fell short. The Bears lost 26-41 in regulation.

“Injuries have hurt us. Losing key players is never what you want for a team” Said Dallas Bullock. “But it has also brought new opportunities for our young guys to prove they’re ready.”

With so much more ahead of them, The Bears are still looking at a bright future. Fans and the community have a lot of faith in the upcoming games for the season, and are excited to see what The Bears are ready to showcase! 

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