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Trolls and Traditions

Lawrence Central Teachers and students share more on their Halloween traditions

Trick or treat, smell my feet, and I’ll give you something good to read! We interviewed Lawrence Central students, Mr. Torres and Nadia Reyes to get the scoop on some of their very own Halloween traditions and any new things they’re partaking in for this year’s season of ghosts and ghouls. 

Photo by Maria Gonzalez-Lopez

Interview with Nadia Reyes:


Q: What’s your name?

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A: Nadia Reyes

Q: What’s your official title?

A: Student in 10th grade

Q: What is your experience with Halloween

A: Its my favorite holiday, well favorite day in the whole year

Q: What’s your favorite part of Halloween?

A: The fact that I get to hangout with people that I don’t typically hangout with outside of school

Q: Who’s your favorite character from a Halloween themed movie?

A: Night wing from Fear Street: Part two

Q: What does your family do for Halloween?

A: Sometimes we’ll stay home and watch Halloween movies and eat candy out of the bowl, or sometimes i’ll go trick or treating with friends

Q: Do you know what you’re going to do this year?

A: One of my friends in his neighborhood, were going to dress up

Q: Where does your love of Halloween come from?

A: Well i was born three days after Halloween, so I’ve always had Halloween themed birthdays or I’ve celebrated my birthday on Halloween… and also in Mexican culture there’s Dia de los muertos which is also a great way to celebrate


As shown in this interview, Bears across LC celebrate Halloween in many different ways, ENL teacher Mr. Torres gave us the inside scoop on his traditions


Photo by(Maria Gonzalez-Lopez)

Interview with Mr. Torres

Q: What’s your name?

A: My name is Manuel Torres and i am a teacher here at Lawrence Central

Q: What is your experience with Halloween?

A: So I came to the US when I was like 2 and just like in my culture in Mexico we didn’t celebrate Halloween back then but I think it’s become more normalized nowadays. So i celebrated as a kid and as an adult i stopped but now i have a son hes 1 year and seven months, were trying to start getting back into celebrations just so he can have good experiences 

Q: Do you have a favorite part about Halloween?

A: I guess I love Halloween because it’s in the fall and i love fall festivities, i like going to the pumpkin patch, i like watching not really scary movies but like the cartoon Halloween specials and i love pumpkin spice 

Q: Do you have a favorite character from a Halloween themed movie? 

A: I think my favorite Halloween characters are Alvin and the Chipmunks

Q: What does your family usually do for Halloween?

A: We used to dress up and go trick or treating, I’ve always wanted to have a costume party, invite some family over, just haven’t had a chance to do that yet and then last year we took our son to the pumpkin patch we did the hayride, picked out pumpkins, carved out pumpkins

Q: What things would you start doing with your son for Halloween?

A: The same thing, were gonna take him to the pumpkin patch here in the next few weeks, and right now he’s at the age where he likes characters so we think it’s gonna be fun because we were gonna dress him up as baby shark cause that’s what hes into right now 


All in all Mr. Torres along with many other LC bears have found new ways and even new reasons to celebrate this spooky season and many more to come. 


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