Kevin Durarte on Anime

Kevin Duarte-Flores, Writer

Animes are animated shows that are based upon manga books (Japanese version of a comic book.) The first anime to be made was called Instant History and came out in 1961. However, the first anime to come to America wasn’t Instant History, rather it was Astro Boy. It wasn’t until the 1990’s when anime became popular in the Americas with Sailor Moon, Pokemon, One Piece, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. I have decided to find out why certain anime are popular with those being the Dragon Ball series which was first released alongside the other animes in the 90’s and is still ongoing with Dragon Ball Super: Super hero coming out very soon in April 2022. Bleach with it being announced to be returning with a highly anticipated arc of the manga (Thousand Year Blood War), and Attack on Titan which just recently returned with its final season to finish off the anime.


Edgar de Leon (Dragon Ball)

  1. Why do you like Dragon Ball?
    1. The fight scenes in Dragon Ball look good, and the transformations that the characters have. Such as Goku with Ultra Instinct.
  1. What makes Dragon Ball unique from other anime in the same genre?
    1. Unlike other anime, Dragon Ball doesn’t have a particular story. Each villain appears, stronger than the last, and Goku and the other fighters take them on which then leads to them growing stronger.
  1. How would you explain Dragon Ball to someone who hasn’t watched it?
    1. Goku starts off being a young weak boy, he then trains so much that he keeps passing his limits.


Brian Lopez (Attack on Titan)

  1. Why do you like Attack on Titan?
    1. It has a great story that has lots of twists and turns. It also has a lot of suspense.
  1. What makes Attack on Titan unique from other anime in the same genre?
    1. The story has never been done before and if it has been done before than it has done it better.
  1. How would you explain Attack on Titan to someone who hasn’t watched it?
    1. In the beginning its about humans trying to take back their land from titans, which then leads to people fighting for their own desires


Jose Gonzalez (Bleach)

  1. Why do you like Bleach?
    1. I like Bleach because it is very interesting how a young boy has the courage to stand up to a role he shouldn’t be taking on.
  1. What makes Bleach unique from other anime in the same genre?
    1. Something that makes Bleach unique is that it has a tragic story that leads up to the events that happen later in the anime and why he has to take those roles.
  1. How would you explain Bleach to someone who hasn’t watched it?
    1. It is about a young boy who the received powers of a soul reaper and has to continue his parents legacy.


These are my top picks on popular anime, but there are still plenty of popular anime out there that I have not mentioned. Such as the Naruto series which contains a lot of great fights, well written villains, and a lot of fan favorite characters. There is also Death Note where the main character Light Yagami outsmarts the other important character L which then leads L to outsmarting Light which causes a back and forth. There is also Demon Slayer which has a great art style which makes it unique from other anime, it has great animation which makes the fight scenes a whole lot better, and it also writes the characters well so that the people who watch it will eventually change their mind on that character.