Advice Column Week 1

Mariah Booker, Writer

“So I’m having a bit of an issue with relationships I have staying intact due to outside forces, what should I do?”

Dear Reader,

Thanks for reaching out! We’re going to take some liberties with your situations and give you a couple options:

  1. Assuming this is just a standard friendship: Your best avenue is to be honest with your friend about these outside forces! Communication is key and if they want to be there for you, they will be (or they will try!) Remember, nobody is under oath or obligation to take on your issues, but you are under no obligation to keep them around either–Protect your peace! 
  2. Assuming this is a significant other: COMMUNICATION. It can be really difficult to come to terms with your own needs– but trust us, you are better for it. If you need more in  a relationship, and they cannot be there, then it’s okay to advocate for your needs and separate if you need. 
  3. Assuming your outside forces are people meddling (parents, other friends etc):  At this point: proof is proof. Trust your instincts and trust that you know what you can handle and what you cannot. You are worth it, but sometimes people, friends, or S/O, are not worth the drama.