iPhone IOS 16 Update Hits Lawrence Central


Maria Gonzalez-Lopez

iPhone 14 released Sept. 16 2022

Laila Abdurraqib, Writer

Remember when we would play our music off of our ipods with wired headphones and speakers? Those days are far gone, but it is amazing to see how far the Apple company has come in the past few years. Apple drops a new large update for all apple products around the beginning of fall every year. 


This iOS16 update comes with so many new and interesting features that iPhone users did not expect. One example being the ability to change your home screens, and have different photo options on your home screen throughout the day. This is much like Apple’s top competitor, Samsung. Samsung and Apple have always been the top phone manufacturers in the world (Corner Pointer Search Article) people continuously debate over which company is better.


One of the main reasons that Apple is so successful in this industry is their FaceTime feature, and with this new update some features have been changed. In the last update in 2021, you were now able to make a “FaceTime Link” so that those with different kinds of products that are not Apple can be on FaceTime. Another feature was “ScreenShare” . This is when you have the ability to share your screen with the people that you are on FaceTime with. In iOS16 you can now “AirPlay” this includes features like playing music at the same time as the person you are on the phone with, as well as TV shows and so much more!


The iOS16 update was also coupled with the drop of the new iPhone 14. New iphones typically drop once a year, around the same time that the new updates drop. This update was very hyped up and students at LC were not disappointed. In an interview with Sophomore Jackson Gray he spoke about the update.


“I thought it was a different set up, the settings are different, the wallpapers are different. The multiple wallpapers are my favorite part about the update. I like the notifications being at the bottom even better than before. I get to adore my wallpapers” Said Jackson Gray.


There has also been some backlash about the update. The controversy has mostly been around the fast battery lossage. As well as phones sometimes lagging, over heating, and randomly powering off. 


“The only bad thing I noticed is that my battery went down a lot faster. I be on 100 and it goes to 20 in 2 minutes.”


The update has a very wide variety of customization features, as well as new and more in depth features. Such as homescreens, Facetime, settings, and so much more!