Growing to Start Glowing



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Kaylyn Nunez, writer

Nine times out of ten when you’re trying to glow-up you’re told to drink water and make lifestyle changes like exercising and dieting, disregarding that glowing up isn’t only about the goals that are unrealistic promises you make to yourself. Glowing up is about giving yourself the time to actually love yourself and trusting that you are the only person you actually need.

Trust is where it all starts– the way that trust is fundamental to bonding with other people applies to you as well. For example, if you have a friend that always shows up late to events, and leaves you waiting every time– you start losing faith in them. When you set goals for yourself and continuously fail yourself; you will lose your own trust in yourself. That lack of trust causes a lack of confidence. When you don’t have trust nor confidence, your own worth means nothing to you. 

Maria Gonzalez-Lopez

Often we’re told to just be ourselves– but what if you don’t like yourself? Simple: be who you actually want to be. This doesn’t mean someone else of course, but if you find yourself disliking who you are, is that really you? Most people lose themselves for so long that they genuinely believe that’s really who they are. In actuality you wouldn’t be as miserable if you were truly being your most authentic self. Instead of spending so much time trying to love the version of yourself you can’t even like– spend it becoming the version of yourself you immediately fall in love with.

Equivalently, stop comparing yourself to others. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself trying to fit in a box. Explore what you like and be different– or not, because at the end of the day it’s about what makes you happy. It’s time to accept that comparison only leads to envy; it would be healthier to start learning from each other. If a comparison is a bad habit for you; the best lesson to learn is that you can use it as motivation. Allow yourself to learn from people– put your pride aside and look up to someone. 

All in all, to have a successful glow up you have to work on what goes on in the inside. As cliche as it is– growing up is the most genuine glow up you can have. The best part of it all is that we’re all always learning and there’s always room for growth.

Maria Gonzalez-Lopez